How Does Your Karma Taste, Sir?

The other day I was leaving my car and heading into Wally World.  As I unbuckled my son from his car seat, I watched an older gentleman leave his grocery cart in the middle of a handicap parking spot close to the front of the store and hustle back to his car like he was in some kind of hurry.  I shook my head at his actions and blamed him personally for the laziness of today’s youth.

As we made our way to the entrance to the store I heard a horn honk.  I turned around to see the gentleman with his reverse lights on, two inches from hitting a car stopped right behind him, blocking his ability to leave quickly.  Half in and half out of that car was a woman honking her horn, warning him of her presence.  What was she doing, parking her car in the middle of the parking lot behind the gentleman’s car?

She was getting out of her car to move the grocery cart that someone had lazily left in the parking spot she wanted.

She wouldn’t have known that the gentleman she was holding up with her car, had left it there instead of bringing it up to the front of the store or putting in the cart holders that are placed all over the parking lot.

I chuckled as I entered the store.

I love karma.