Last Minute Baby Shower

A baby shower dropped kersplat right into my lap.  One week to get something put together for a new mommy.  And I’m a sucker for a new mommy.  It’ll be her first baby shower and unfortunately, her husband is deployed and won’t be able to partake in it.  Double sucker.  There’s nothing like a mommy-to-be to bring out my nurturing, protective, let me give you everything that I have to help you get through this mode.

So there I was, scouring the internet for ideas on what to do.  It’s supposed to be a low-key shower and the venue is in a very popular, cluttered restaurant.  The first thing I came across was this easy diaper cake tutorial from Slap Dash Mom.

This was just the first thing I came across.  It’s going to be perfect for her!  Next, I need to work on games that I can do in this popular restaurant.  I’m thinking String-Around-The-Mommy, The Don’t Say “Baby” and the Dirty Diaper games  Any other suggestions?  What about prizes for a co-ed baby shower?

Update:  Here is my version of this awesomely easy diaper cake.

6 responses to “Last Minute Baby Shower

  1. Pink baby safety pin taped to bottom of chair for door prize. Door prize can be a ‘Night Out’ basket filled with a bottle of wine,RedDoor movie rental,popcorn and box of skittles or nerds and lottery tickets. Less than $10. Try to get some prizes ‘donated’. It’s military afterall. Aunt Chris knows some tricks for thing like that. Baby Shower Bingo, Baby Shower word scramble, Remember what’s on the tray, Guess different things about Mommy.. (move her from the room first). Flowers and baby balloons for cntr.pc, confetti sprinkle on table, cake.

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  3. If you go with the co-ed shower, this game was a huge hit at my daughters shower last summer. Belly race: All you have to do is blow balloons and ask the male guests to place them in their shirts. After that, tell them to run to the next room, tie their shoes and then resume their initial starting point. The first person to get back to the starting point without bursting the balloons on their belly is the winner. This game is very exciting especially when women see the men juggle the balloon belly and shoe laces. Be prepared for lots of laughter!

    Also, for free last minute tips and inspiration, check out:

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